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EagleCloud LLC Service Offering

Enabled by our engineering team's over 30 years of high-speed fiber-optic transmission specialization, network, and communications system design and installation experience, we offer the following suite of services to our clients:

  • Client site survey for a potential fiber-optic network physical infrastructure upgrade, expansion, or new design and installation project proposal.

  • Project Management, overseeing project definition, planning, documentation, standards & codes compliance, network design, installation, testing, client communications systems compatibility, project status reporting, client/user training.

  • Design solution, including complete optical layer loss-budgeting and verification test plan, all associated physical infrastructure components, configured for optimum performance, high reliability, ease of maintenance and restoration, future upgrade/expansion, and lowest TCOO.

EagleCloud Training & Conference Room
  • Network installation, including the latest fiber optic cable termination/connectorization techniques, fusion splicing, best-practice cable plant management, complete link testing employing the most current and reliable testing methods with the latest fiber optic test & measurement equipment and comprehensive documentation.

  • *Training of client staff for network performance-monitoring, restoration, and preparation for future expansion.

  • Post-installation maintenance, periodic testing, and restoration service plans.

*Certified Fiber Optic Technician Training

  • A very differentiated and comprehensive training experience that includes exposure to all-important fiber optic transmission principles and solutions in addition to the passive fiber optic network elements.

  • Hands-on curriculum, offering both first-level and advanced-level Fiber Optic Association (FOA) technician certifications.

  • First-level training course curriculum includes an introduction to fiber optic technology, jargon and networks, optical transmission systems, optical fiber, cable types and applications, termination/connectorization, fiber splicing (fusion and mechanical), system design (including optical loss budgeting), cable management and associated physical infrastructure hardware, best-practice installation, cable plant testing with the latest test & measurement systems and methods, safety and relevant standards & codes (Premises and Outside Plant).

Work Desk & Equipment On Table
  • Training conducted by FOA Certified Fiber Optic Instructors and optical communications industry veterans.

  • Training classes conducted at EagleCloud LLC facility in Silicon Valley (Milpitas, CA), in our formal Training Room and dedicated Optics Lab with fully-equipped fiber optic technician workstations (see pictures below). Note: All training/courses are appropriately designed for mobility, to facilitate remote or client-site based events.

  • Please CONTACT US for current training course schedules, space availability, curriculum detail, and fees.

EagleCloud Team Experience & Credentials (Statement of Qualifications)

    • Over 30 years of Team experience in the design, installation, and testing of fiber optic networks and the associated project management.

    • Over 20 years of Team experience in USAF, USMC, and private sector telecom/datacom systems R&D, engineering, hardware & software integration, site installation, and validation testing.

    • Fiber Optic Association (FOA) certified school, curriculum, and instructors.

    • FOA and CCNA certifications, including all relevant codes (NEC), and standards (NECA/FOA-301, ANSI/TIA/EIA-568, 569, 606, 607).

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    • Highly experienced in the use of the latest fiber fusion splicing systems, termination & connectorization techniques, cable plant test & measurement equipment and methods, including the use of OTDR systems & trace interpretations, OLTS, VFL, fiber microscope and all-optical layer related best-practice installation disciplines.

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