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Fiber Optic Network Design, Installation, Testing and Training Services

Based in Milpitas, California, EagleCloud LLC specializes in providing best-in-class fiber optic network (Premises & OSP) design, installation, testing/restoration and client-training services for enterprise datacenters, campuses, clouds, colocation sites, telco central offices and service provider networks, FTTX, intelligent base stations and high-performance computing platforms, for an upgrade or expansion of an existing platform or the construction of a completely new network solution.

Computers, Data Center in Milpitas, CA

Fiber Optic Network design, installation and training  services | Milpitas, CA

What Sets Us Apart

With network architecture becoming more complex from the perspective of speed, protocol specialization, latency sensitivity and hardware supplier-proprietary interfaces, an in-depth understanding of current and future network topology, intra/interconnectivity options and their specific link relevancy in an optimum network infrastructure solution, is paramount. Of equal importance is the actual installation & testing process precision, discipline and documentaion. 

We are a US military veteran owned and operated business, verified by the DoVA CVE and included in the federal government's Vendor Information Pages. Our experienced management team employs US military veterans throughout the company's organization that have extensive experience in networking and communications systems engineering, fiber optic domain specialization (Premises and OSP cable plants) and best-in-class network physical infrastructure installation.

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